The classic “something old” tale…”I want to wear my [mom’s/aunt’s/sister’s/grandmother’s] veil!”

Then, when the dress has been found and it’s time for the fated pairing, the match-factor is underwhelming.

Realizing your family heirloom (veil, jewelry, garter, headpiece, etc) doesn’t pair well with your wedding gown can be a bridal bummer. However, all it takes is some creativity (and Pinterest, perhaps) to provide ways to integrate the veil/heirloom into another element of the wedding.

Here’s some of our curated tips/ideas:

  • Look into veil restoration. If the heirloom veil is a no-go simply because it is too worn/discolored due to old age, see what your restoration options are. Here at The Plumed Serpent, we use Orange Restoration Labs based right in Orange, CT. Drop off your vintage veil with us and we would be able to give you a custom price quote on your veil restoration.
  • vintageVeils1
  • A bouquet wrap. Utilize the lace an/or tulle from the old veil to create a beautifully elegant bouquet wrap. Or, divvy up the material between the bridesmaids and share the love!

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  • A hair piece. Salvage the lace from the veil, get your DIY hands ready and fashion a neat hair piece! Add pearl or crystal detail to match it to your gown.  OUR SEAMSTRESSES CAN……blah blah blah



  •   A garter. Gather that tulle to re-purpose it into a little something sexy! Make the veil into a garter. You can even embellish it with an antique brooch!


  • Consult our seamstresses. Our seamstresses are wonderfully talented and creative, and may be able to help you turn your vintage veil into something new!


Occasionally, grandma’s veil happens to suit your gown perfectly…but in the event that it doesn’t, we hope this post gave you some purposeful ideas!