Other than pretty dresses and Martha Stewart parties, what exactly is New York Bridal Market?

We often get asked this question, along with when the dresses we see at market will be available to try on, etc.

Here is a little Q&A to help you get acquainted with this BIG bridal industry event.

Q: What is New York Bridal Market?

A: New York Bridal Market occurs twice a year, April and October. Designers from around the world come to showcase their newest collections to prospective buyers (that’s us!).


Q: Why are collections not named for the season in which they debut?

A: Essentially, the bridal industry is always a year ahead, collections-wise, so at this week’s April Market, we will be seeing Spring 2017 collections, and in October, we will be seeing Fall 2017 collections.


Q: The dresses we see posted on Instagram from Bridal Market are so gorgeous! Will they be in-store right away?

A: Not right away, but sometimes, we are lucky enough to get dresses straight off the runway for trunk shows! It all depends on the timing of trunk shows. You can check our upcoming trunk show listings here.


Q: When will these gowns be in-store to try on?

A: After market, we place our orders with designers for the gowns we loved. Just like a standard bridal gown order, these gowns can take six months to come in, sometimes longer! However, if you are interested in a particular gown you saw debut at bridal market, don’t hesitate to inquire about it! (you can email us at hello@plumedserpentbridal.com)


Q: When do you see new bridesmaids dresses? Are they included at Bridal Market?

A: Yes, we see new bridesmaid collections at Bridal Market as well.


Q: Where can I see the new collections that debut at Market?

A: Typically, all major Bridal Fashion websites will have some form of NYBFW coverage (HuffPost Weddings, The Knot, etc), but you can see our very own Bridal Market updates on our Instagram!

We are SO excited for all the gorgeousness that is to come at Spring Market! Be sure to follow along with us on social media.