It is a commonly asked question during bridal appointments when the perfect gown has been found…”how does it look bustled?”

Most brides opt to bustle the train of their gown post-ceremony to ensure they can dance the night away without worry. Our seamstresses will work with you to determine the best bustle look for your gown. Fastened with hooks, ribbons, or buttons, your bustle is sure to be as functional as it is pretty.

Typically, it is the maid of honor that does the bustle of the gown in between the wedding ceremony and reception…because of this, we recommend the Maid of Honor coming along to the final dress fitting to see how the bustle is achieved; if she is unable to be there, record the bustle being done on your phone so you can reference the video later.

Each gown is different, therefore each bustle is different; below are some examples of bustles done in the past by our wonderfully talented seamstresses!