Congratulations, you’re engaged! You begin to pull out the bridal magazines, scroll through Pinterest, and eventually you start to make the wedding gown appointments at your favorite bridal boutiques (And of course The Plumed Serpent is first on your list!). But before you take those next steps, we want to give you some inside scoop. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending you a little love note from us; a quick “P.S.” of things you should know before you go out to buy your dress, in addition to some other insider wedding info we’ve accrued over the years.

For today, it’s all about your wedding gown budget. It’s important to have a budget in mind for how much you want to spend on your dress. There are thousands of dresses out there, and knowing that number will help both you and your stylist choose some amazing dresses that are realistic for you and within your price range. And don’t forget to factor in additional costs!  Alterations, shoes, and accessories are additional costs that you should keep in mind when finalizing your price point.

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